Tower Of Terror In Epcot

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Welcome to World Showcase, a 24/7 365 world’s fair. As you know there are eleven countries in the World Showcase, Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, America, Japan, Morocco, France, The United Kingdom, and Canada. If you have explored these eleven countries in Epcot you know for a fact that there is beyond a ton to see and do. You can go on a boat ride in Mexico with “Los Tres Caballeros”, Shop for Bvlgari perfume in Italy or take a sea worthy adventure in Norway on the Maelstrom. However there are many things visually that can please you as well. While in France you can take a look at the Eiffel Tower or stroll through the UK and see real working red telephone booths. However I would like to talk about some things that one might not see unless pointed out, Tower of Terror. Yes, Tower of Terror is in Epcot! Well, you can see it from there. The infamous tower is right in the background of Morocco. The colors of Morocco and the colors of the tower were made to blend as well as keep to both the countries and the old Hollywood theme. The only way to see this tower blending with its country partner is if you stand over next to the baby changing station before Mexico. Once you see the tower in the distance of Morocco you will notice that it adds depth and more realism to the country, something the imagineers hoped to achieve.

Now most thrill seekers LOVE Tower of Terror. They love the high speed drops and jerks up and down the hotel. As with most of Disney’s more famous rides there are usually some secrets behind it. Not all pertaining to the ride but to some items also along the queue. For example:

  1. In the load area there in an inspection certificate that is dated on Oct. 31, 1939. It is also signed by “Cadwaller”, who was a character in an episode of the Twilight Zone. The certificate number on the certificate is 10259 which stand for Oct. 2, 1959 the first episode of the Twilight Zone.
  2. The Tower of Terror was struck by lightning during construction.
  3. By the concierge desk in the hotel lobby, there is a 13-diamond award from AAA. In reality, the real AAA award system only goes up to 5 diamonds.
  4. The luggage in the lobby is a genuine set made of alligator skin.

These are just a few secrets of the Tower of Terror. For more secrets please check out their website.

In conclusion there are things in Disney that some never notice and some do. I know from now on I’m going to try and absorb as much detail as I can, how about you? Next time you’re in that tower wave to your friends in Epcot!

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  1. I love learning about all these cool little tidbits! Thanks!

  2. This is so awesome, i understand now what you were telling me yesterday!

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